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Peppermint Blend 100gr

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Only 100 grams, but 100% of The Good Stuff!

Peppermint Blend is the wild-spirited daughter of the Prana Chai family, and the best companion for those who love experimenting and trying out new things. There’s not many places she doesn’t seem to fit right in: she breezily transitions from her morning meditation session sipping on a calming tea, to the dancefloor, chai-chocolate-mint martini in hand! Join her for the ride!

masala chai  with a refreshing minty burst. It’s enough to fill you with excite-mint. Some would say this is the chai made for summer, but we’d say summer was made for our Peppermint Blend.

Exceptionally balanced and easy to drink - especially as a cold brew for hot weather - our blends are designed to preserve the Prana (life force). That means they are hand crafted with #onlythegoodstuff: all natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Trying our Peppermint Blend for the very first time? Our 100g tubes are the perfect way to fall in love with our award winning sticky chai. Soon you’ll be upgrading to our 1kg bags!

Serves 6 cups.

Watch how to make Prana Chai at home.

Download the Prana Chai Recipe Booklet.

Prana Chai Peppermint Blend 100gr ingredients

Black Tea

Pure Honey


Star Anise


Ginger Root




Excitingly refreshing, exceptionally balanced and an easy to drink blend with a mint finish.




Cold brew


Helps reduce nausea, prevents bacterial infections and supports proper digestion. Honey is a good antibacterial and a wonderful unprocessed sugar source. Peppermint blend improves digestion and reduces bloating by helping gas through the body.

How to Make Prana Chai at Home


Place two or three heaped teaspoons (20gr) of Prana Chai into a Turkish pot.


Fill with one cup of your favourite milk (we recommend Soy milk).


Stir until it is hot (but just before simmering).


Using a mesh strainer, pour your tea into your favourite tea cup.