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The City of Chai Keepsake Tin

Prana Chai Europe GmbH



Keep your chai fresh and explore the 'City of Chai' with our Limited Edition Christmas Keepsake tins! Melbourne's beloved icons get a spicy twist in our sticky chai-bourhood dreamscape.

This sturdy, food-safe tin is perfect for stashing your 250g or 100g bags to keep them as fresh as the day they were blended. Simply snip off the top of your 250g bag (down to the top of the chai) and drop it in the tin. Voila! You've got an adorable way to store your favourite Prana Chai blend in your coffee or tea nook. 

This item is a Limited Edition for Christmas 2021, so get your order in today!

Size: 85mm x 150mm

Material: Tinplate with UV Screenprint

This item is RECYCLABLE

Care notes: Do not put in the dishwasher. Screenprint may scratch off if not treated with care, so gently handwash and dry using a soft cloth. As this item is made from tinplate, it may bend out of shape if you do not take care inserting and removing bags of chai. It is recommended that you press the bag of chai on its sides if you have difficulty inserting it into the tin with ease - do not try and push the bag in with force.