A Cup of Chai with Alex - East London Liquor Company

It was six years ago that East London Liquor Company  landed in the heart of London’s East End. They picked a beautiful location amongst the canals and warehouses of Bow and Victoria Park, an area that they're now proud to call home. We had a cup of chai with Alex from ELLC, sharing the ethos behind the brand.

Tell us a bit about East London Liquor Company
East London Liquor Company has always stood against expensive mediocrity. Everyone should have good booze for good prices from good people. It sounds radical, but it shouldn’t. Since July 2014, we have been producing and importing a range of spirits, including gins, vodka, rum and whisky. We currently distribute our award-winning spirits throughout the UK and internationally to over 20 markets. 
How did you start ELLC and when? 
I started the business in 2014 having worked in the on trade for several years. Coming out of drama school with acting jobs being fairly sparse I quickly fell into bar work, and worked my way from bartending jobs into operations of a lovely east London based bar group. Having always had an affinity to whisky, I pitched an east London based distillery idea to my bosses at the time (after a few drinks) and they were, rather wonderfully, very keen!
What was the inspiration behind starting ELLC?
A wish to create a locals distillery in the heart of east London, making it as accessible and transparent as possible.
How many products do you have?

We have a range of gins, vodka and rum as well as RTDs and whiskies.

What's your most popular product?
Our East London Gin epitomises what we stand for, excellent and accessible. What’s not to love with a £22 bottle of gin?!  it’s our best seller in all our markets.
I’m really excited about our new Single Malt Whisky which we released last year. It is a chocolatey, cakey, spicy delight of a liquid which has been wonderfully received by our customers.
What's your favourite cocktail?
Run us through the process of making this product?
Equal measures of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth…I prefer using our Louder Gin, which is herbaceous and holds it’s own against the Campari and Vermouth
Are you working on any exciting new products you can share?
Yes, we have a new whisky release in a couple of months which is going to be incredible