Only The Good Staff – Sandra, Captain of Prana Chai EU


Hi Sandra!

1. First of all, thanks for being #FriendsofPrana. How did you find Prana Chai and what do you like about it?

I came across Prana Chai in my first job as a barista in Melbourne. It was the first time I had seen REAL chai and I loooved the smell and look of it.

2. Could you please share why you decide to become a vegan and what is the biggest motivation for you to continue the lifestyle? 

It started because of my health. I had a little bug in my stomach and after trying a lot of different medicine to get rid of it, with no success, I decided to try a natural approach and changed my diet. The results were so amazing that I did more and more research and I became hooked! There are other reasons to consider becoming vegan, too (animals, environment, etc).

3. What is your biggest, scariest dream?

I don't think dreams are ever ‘too’ big. I have a lot of life goals and dreams that I try to pursue every day and I believe I will get there with time. I don’t aspire to anything too crazy or materialistic. My dreams are all based on love and living a happy life.

4. What are the top three Instagram accounts that you get inspiration from?




5. What is your favourite way to enjoy Prana Chai? Please share the recipe with us! 

Cold brewed with Oatly milk, yummy!

6. What are you grateful for today? 

Feeling loved, and my health! 

7. Where can people find you? 

@pranachai.eu_uk! Hope to see you there!