Prana Chai's Top 5 Favourite Tea Recipes (it's not just for drinking!)

International Tea Day is May 21st, and you know what that means! It's time to celebrate the world's favourite beverage (after water): TEA!

As the base ingredient of Prana Chai, tea is very close to our hearts. From celebrating and supporting those that produce the tea that we drink, through to protection of the environment tea is grown in, we think that a global discourse on tea and the industry is imperative to ensure we can enjoy our daily cup for centuries to come. 


Without tea workers, we wouldn't be able to make Prana Chai. While we buy our tea from reputable sources, we are aware that even ethical sourcing of tea isn't always enough to disrupt the cycles of poverty experienced by many workers. Due to colonial-era wage policies still prevalent in India, even ethically traded tea could have been picked by workers earning less than USD $2 a day. We, like many coffee and tea businesses, often feel helpless as we have limited control over how the money we pay is distributed along the supply chain.



While we will continue to take ethical sourcing seriously, we wanted to go beyond this and help raise funds and awareness for a cause connected to our industry and close to our hearts. 

Every time you buy a 250g retail bag from Prana Chai, we commit to change by donating $2 to educating the children of tea workers in India and Sri Lanka.

Want to help us make a difference? You can make a once-off donation by adding one to your next Prana Chai order, or subscribe to make a small donation as often as you'd like.


We believe in ethical sourcing. We understand our responsibility as a company to the farmers and workers who produce and harvest the ingredients we use. Finding quality ingredients for our chai is of utmost importance to us. So, we work with our supplier partners to source the best ingredients available and they, in turn, work closely with growers and exporters who follow ethical farming practices. 

As spice and tea production requires a specific climate, we need to source our ingredients from all over the world. Our partners help us ensure that we are sourcing from spice suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to excelling in worker safety, fair treatment, sustainable production, environmental protection, community support and food safety and quality. Our tea supplier provides us FairtradeRainforest Alliance certified tea, also.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our company practices too: we are continually working on ways to increase sustainable practices in our workplace and with our packaging. 


Tea's not just for drinking, you know. Buying more ethically sourced tea helps support workers and farms: and adding tea into other drinks or food is a great way to do so!

Here are our top 5 favourite recipes for using Prana Chai in baked goods, cocktails, and more!

1. Masala Chai Sour

2. Chai Cheesecake Brownies

3. Coconut Chai Popsicles with Salted Caramel

4. Sweet Potato Doughnuts with Coconut Chai Glaze

5. Vegan Sticky Chocolate Chai Babka Buns