The Benefits of Ginger in Chai

Soothe your soul and body with ginger. Since ancient times, Ginger has been used in cooking and in medicine. This powerful root has also been found to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. 

Perhaps ginger’s greatest claim to fame is as a remedy for nausea and as a digestive aid. This healthy and delicious spice has also been proven to reduce the effects of pregnancy-related nausea, a study suggests. 

This impressive spice also has anti-inflammatory benefits that can help muscle soreness, swelling and pain. Moreover, ginger has gut-boosting properties, which bolster our defences against colds and other common viruses.

Relatively new research suggests ginger may be a powerful anti-diabetic; a recent 2015 study found that ingesting 2g of ginger powder a day lowered blood sugar by 12% on average. Other studies conclude that ginger may lower cholesterol levels too.

So, that’s another reason why you would want to enjoy a Prana Chai.