A Cup of Chai with Simone Nabholz


We had a cup of chai with Simone, the founder of Perth based handmade ceramic brand Winterwares.  It was born to ignite a passion to create beautiful pieces that help others gather, share and nourish. We discovered her obsessions, goals, fears, her favourite way to enjoy Prana Chai and more.  


1. What are your obsessions?

Figuring out how to live better, at the moment it's by slowing down and taking on a 'less is more' approach to life. I'm obsessed with listening to podcasts and hearing people's stories and their journey in business and in life. I'm also just a bit (ok a lot) obsessed with seeking out beautiful objects, linen is a particular obsession right now! And spoons! I have amassed a ridiculous collection of handmade spoons, teeny tiny spice ones and beautiful hand forged brass ones. I blame Instagram.

2. The biggest fear and what are you doing about it?

I have lots of fears, though one that makes my heart race is heights. Just the thought of cable cars, glass elevators and ferris wheels and makes me feel panicked. When we were living in the UK my husband bought us tickets for the London Eye, I spent the whole ride sitting on the floor looking at the centre pole because I'm sure I would've fainted if I'd looked out of the windows. I've accepted the fact that I'm terrified of heights and there's probably not much I can do about it.

3. What's your favourite way to enjoy Chai and could you summarise Prana chai in one sentence?

I adore drinking Prana chai every morning. It's one of my self care rituals. It especially lovely with breakfast in bed on Sunday morning (out of a Winterwares handmade cup of course!). I love Sunday mornings, they're the slowest morning of the week and the day that we have no plans. Prana chai is like a warm hug in a cup.

4. What was the last gift you gave to someone?

I've been trying some new designs for my range, some rustic stoneware cheese boards and I gave one to one of the ladies who works in the studio today. Yesterday I gave my Mum a gorgeous Once Was Lost handwoven scarf as a thank you for all the help and support she gives me, and the day before I gave my friend a candle because I thought it would make her feel loved every time she lights it. I get so much joy from gift giving, I love it.

5. What is the question that you wish more people ask & why?

I think we so often go through the motions in life, we're all so busy, days are full but not always fulfilling. I wish people would ask themselves, "is this the best use of my time right now" and if the answer is no, then think about what is the thing that brings you more joy, more fulfilment and more peace and do that instead.

7. What's your biggest goal this year and how can people find you?

So many goals! I have a list that grows longer each day. A big one is to go to Japan to learn more about the philosophy of wabi-sabi, the idea that there is beauty in decay and imperfection. I'm going to spend my time immersing myself in the culture and learning about the simple, daily rituals that make life in Japan so unique. I'm going to use my research to inform a new collection for Winterwares. You can find me in my studio in Fremantle, making my ceramics most days, or on Instagram @winterwares

Simone Nabholz